- 30s cotton dress
 - 70s tooled leather bag
 - J. Crew flats

As  I mentioned last week, Tom and I made a road trip to Pittsburgh to see The National and on the way stopped by the Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater house for a tour.  While on the tour we heard an old lady remark that it was "a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there."  Meanwhile, Tom and I were thinking the exact opposite.  Although, I bet it sure is cold there in the wintertime. 

After our tour we drove into Pittsburgh and walked around to a few vintage shops.  The shops were mostly packed with 70s era polyester and tacky prints, but I did manage to find a pretty white eyelet cotton skirt that came home with me.  Perhaps there are better vintage shops there, but I didn't happen upon them.  

For lunch we sat at the counter at Primanti Bros. and watched sandwich after sandwich being assembled;  fresh cut bread, grilled meat, cheese, fries, coleslaw, tomatoes, topped with another piece of bread.  We had the cheese combo and the fries come right in the sandwich.  

We took an after lunch stroll around the river and across one of the sunny yellow bridges before heading over to the show.  The National put on a great show and played a 22 song set that I didn't want to end.  I was only slightly disappointed that they didn't play "Fireproof" since I wanted to hear my name in the song.  But I was standing in the right place at the right time and during "Mr. November" Matt Berninger walked out into the crowd and I got tangled up in his mike cord and he ending up singing six inches from my face.  Good times.